Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Sky...

The Desert @ Sunset
Badayer, Dubai

GT500 Race, 2005
Autodrome, Dubai

My friends Farm (Mehe)
Dhaid, Sharjah

Sunrise, on my way to work
Emirates Road, Dubai

The cloud in the picture is very unusual, it had some sort of hat on top of it...
Took this shot at a Beach BBQ

Jebel Ali, Dubai

All photo are taken by Me (Basil Khleif)


The Mo said...

Nice pics (Y)

Basil K. said...

Thanks Mo

Basil K. said...

Hessa, Wat looks like a chinese guy?

Anonymous said...

hi.. this is blueberry from gossipdubai.com
I really liked all of the pictures you have taken.. keep up..

Basil K. said...

Hi Blueberry,
I'm glad u liked the pics...

Keep passing by I'm updating the blog on a daily basis