Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Got a new camera (Canon EOS 400D)...

Will be posting much more than b4.

Green Community, Dubai


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the camera!
I really like it, but the only thing I found (same for the 350) is that its shutter release button is located too much in the front. I felt it easier to my hand in Nikon. Maybe the few seconds handling in the shop were not enough to judge? What do you think? but again, this Canon is amazing in everything else!
Will expect more difficult pictures :)

Basil K. said...

Thanks Hatem,
I duno about the shutter release button, I think its OK... But the cam in general is very light in the hands.
Don't expect "Very difficult" pictures soon... Still getting used to the cam and the 100s of functions that it has...
Keep coming back for more :)

Someone in Al Ain said...

Gongratulations for the camera..nice camera and nice picture..keep going..