Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another Painting

Took these photos at a friend's house and created an HDR. Please comment on which is the better option.
PS: click on the image to view details in the Photo.

Friend's House, Dubai


secretdubai said...

I like the second one best because of the rich red colours. They both look strangely unreal, like paintings rather than photos. But I like them both.

SimSim said...

I prefer the first one but to tell u the truth they both don't look good or deep I don't know why

Basil K. said...

Thanks Secret Dubai

Simsim, I know what u mean... They r missing the "Wow" factor. Anyway both were just tests to this type of photography... Just practicing now, hope u like my other posts this month

AM said...
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Unknown said...

I would go for the first. Theres an amazing sense of Harmony in the colors. Its beautiful